Why Aculas?

We’re Here to Check the Final Box in Your Hiring Process

From drug tests to DOT physicals, Aculas is here to make sure your employees are ‘good to go,’ by providing third-party pre-employment evaluations.

Let’s face it, talking to an employee, or potential employee, about their health and ‘physical abilities’ is…well, awkward. That’s where Aculas can jump in. Not only can we handle that conversation, but we can assess their health from a third-party, objective perspective in relation to their job or duties. 

Why Aculas? Because this is all we do. Our only job is to make sure your employees are ‘good to go’ (so you can sleep better at night). And, we like what we do, which makes a big difference. 

Our company principles: 

Everyone’s time is valuable, so clients are in-and-out with no to minimal wait time.

Just saying the words “tests” and “exams” can make your hands start to sweat, so we work to reduce any stress and anxiety by keeping things simple and straightforward. Oh, and if you have a question, just ask.

We know what we do is serious business. We are committed to providing comprehensive evaluations of the highest level to ensure the well-being and safety of employees in the workplace.

We treat people like people. That means following the golden rule, being kind, and working to make sure everyone leaves wearing a smile. 

We offer three simple packages:

If you want a simple ‘check up’ for your employees this is where to start. We provide a 5-panel rapid drug test, giving results in minutes, as well as an overall physical. The physical includes looking at basic vitals and body systems (aka the heart, lungs, joints, etc.), as well as conducting an eye exam and a urinalysis that helps spot any abnormalities.

  • Rapid Drug Test
  • Pre-Employment Physical

Level Up
Looking for something a bit more? We can also perform a Human Performance Evaluation (HPE). An HPE is specific and customized based on the employee’s job and consists of functional tests, lift tests and any other evaluations needed to ensure they are physically capable of performing the job.

  • Rapid Drug Test
  • Pre-Employment Physical
  • Human Performance Evaluation

The Ultimate 
We know you shouldn’t have favorites, but if we’re being honest this is ours. The Physical Capacity Profile® (PCP) is an evaluation system designed to match an employee’s physical abilities with their job. Using some pretty nerdy technology and a super cool machine, this evaluation takes 28 different strength measurements.

  • Rapid Drug Test
  • Pre-Employment Physical
  • Physical Capacity Profile®

We also know that every company and their needs are different, so we offer customized packages as well.
If you have questions or want to learn more give us a call at (913) 340-9900 or feel free to email us at [email protected] — we look forward to hearing from you!