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Pre-Employment Evaluations

In ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees, companies can turn to Aculas. We are dedicated to providing occupational healthcare such as physical capacity profiles, physicals and drug screens to Johnson County and the surrounding areas of Kansas City. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us as your certified medical examiner:

  • Unbiased Assessments
  • Rapid Results Drug Testing
  • Risk Management
  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Certification From the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners

Securing the physical and mental wellness of your workers can help them be more efficient in performing their tasks. In turn, your business can run more smoothly and effectively. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your workers are receiving necessary pre-employment testing. For fast, friendly, and accurate occupational health services at affordable rates, reach out to Aculas today.

Get Started Off Right With Pre-Employment Evaluations

Get Started Off Right With Pre-Employment Evaluations

Don’t know where to start when it comes to ensuring employee health? Kansas City business owners can start by trying one of the three packages we offer.


If you want a simple ‘checkup’ for your employees, this is where to start. We provide a 5-panel rapid drug screening, giving results in minutes, as well as an overall physical. The physical includes looking at basic vitals and body systems (aka the heart, lungs, joints, etc.), as well as conducting an eye exam and a urinalysis that helps spot any abnormalities.

  • Rapid Drug Test
  • Pre-Employment Physical

Level Up

Looking for something a bit more? We can also perform a Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) as part of our occupational health services. An HPE is specific and customized based on the employee’s job and consists of functional tests, lift tests and any other evaluations needed to ensure they are physically capable of performing the job.

  • Rapid Drug Test
  • Pre-Employment Physical
  • Human Performance Evaluation


We know you shouldn’t have favorites, but if we’re being honest, this is ours. The Physical Capacity Profile® (PCP) is an evaluation system designed to match an employee’s physical abilities with their job. Using some pretty nerdy technology and a super cool machine, this evaluation takes 28 different strength measurements.

  • Rapid Drug Test
  • Pre-Employment Physical
  • Physical Capacity Profile®


Getting to drive a semi-truck, school bus or there commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is pretty cool. But, to make sure drivers are healthy and able to drive these 'rigs' the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires a physical exam biennially. This is a great safety check for the driver, your company, and everyone else on the road. 

The DOT Physical provides drivers with a medical certificate to confirm that they are physically able to safely operate a CMV. In order to give the 'green light' we take a look at the following areas:

  • Overall Physical Evaluation
  • Vision & Hearing Test and Screening
  • Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate
  • Urinalysis


While the DOT physical checks the boxes, we want offer an upgrade to give the extra protection your company deserves with our Physical Capacity Profile® (PCP).

Using some advanced technology and high-tech machine, this evaluation takes 28 different strength measurements. From these measurements it generates a robust, objective report scoring each person based on 5 levels. 

The PCP report can be used as a baseline (catch pre-existing injuries), a way to align employee's abilities with specific job, or to provide additional peace of mind (limit worker's compensation claims).